Sustainable cultivation

For us, sustainable cultivation is a continuous search for improvement. In recent years, we have taken great steps to reduce our energy and water consumption. We also grow strong lettuce plants which are less susceptible to disease and pests.

80% reduction

Lettuce needs heat in order to grow. Yet, over the last couple of years we managed to reduce our gas consumption by 80%. By growing our root ball lettuce one meter above the ground and by implementing a new heating system which stores heat in the ground, we achieved considerable savings. Moreover, our cultivation system is designed so that we always grow the maximum amount of lettuce plants in our greenhouse. We adjust the distance between the channels to the growth phase of the lettuce plants. The result: less energy consumption per head of lettuce.

Recycling rainwater

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In our company, we only use rainwater for our cultivation. The water is collected in big tanks and used for the water channels in which the root ball lettuce grows. These channels form a closed system in which used water flows to a purification plant, in order to be used again. Hardly any water is wasted.


Obviously we use green power in our business. In the coming years, we will continue to look for ways to close the recycling loop, save energy and water and find other smart solutions for the sustainable cultivation of consistently high quality root ball lettuce. Where possible, we cooperate with other innovative companies in this search.