Constant quality

Quality is our number one priority. Both our root ball lettuce varieties, the Salanova and Salatrio, are delicious, with a beautiful colour, a crunchy bite and long-lasting freshness.



Optimum conditions

Due to our unique cultivation process, we are able to guarantee the consistently high quality of our root ball lettuce. In the climate chamber, temperature and humidity are carefully adjusted, providing the perfect conditions for controlled propagation of young lettuce plants all year round.

The growing conditions in the water channels in the greenhouse are optimal, with none of the unpleasant surprises one might encounter in an ordinary greenhouse. And because we manage the entire production from lettuce seed to fully grown plant ourselves, we can deliver fresh root ball lettuce of consistent quality.

Clean, healthy and safe


In order to guarantee our product quality, an independent inspection institute (TNO) assesses the quality of our root ball lettuce monthly. We have been awarded very low MRL scores for many years, and we can guarantee a clean, healthy and safe product. Furthermore, the controlled cultivation process is very flexible in its ability to respond to our customers’ wishes. Whatever the size of your order: we will deliver what you want, when you want it. So for you as a retailer, it is possible to present Deliscious fresh root ball lettuce in your store every month of the year.