Tasty, crunchy and long shelf life


Root ball lettuce is lettuce with a small, clean root ball. The root ball stays on the lettuce until the moment of consumption. As the roots are packed with nutrients, Root ball lettuce will stay fresh longer after harvesting. It may last for up to a week longer than ordinary lettuce. And because of the root ball, the lettuce tastes better and has a nicer crunch. Root ball lettuce does not need to be kept in the fridge, a cool place will do.

Deliscious root ball lettuce is available at Aldi, Plus, Jan Linders, Hoogvliet and Dekamarkt.
We supply three varieties of fresh root ball lettuce.







Salatrio is our best known root ball lettuce variety: three different types of lettuce on one root ball. Salatrio contains Lollo Rosso, Lollo Biondo and Oak Leaf lettuce and provides a nice mix of intense colour and strong flavour. Like the Salanova, the Salatrio is super fresh with an extra long shelf life, thanks to its root ball.

Salanova Green


Salanova Green (green butterhead lettuce) is characterized by a crunchy bite and a wonderfully fresh flavour. Deliscious is the only producer to succeed in growing a Salanova with a root ball. Salanova lettuce has big smooth leaves with around three times more leaves than an ordinary head of lettuce. With one cut, Salanova separates into lots of munchable lettuce leaves.

Salanova Red


Salanova Red (red butterhead) has a distinctive deep red colour and peppery flavour. Like Salanova Green, its leaves are similar in size and can be separated in one cut.