Fresher than fresh

Our unique Deliscious root ball lettuce is fresher than fresh. Our innovative cultivation process enables us to deliver a high quality and uniform top product with a long shelf life.




Cultivation in climate chambers

We manage the whole process from seed to root ball lettuce. In four climate chambers, we grow seeds into young root ball lettuce plants. A climate chamber is a sealed 8 meter high room with no daylight. LED lighting provides all the light for the lettuce plants. Every climate chamber consists of seven layers for seeding with a total cultivation area of 5,600 m2.

Deliscious is currently the only company in Europe to use LED lighting in fully sealed climate chambers. This innovative process enables us to control and plan the growing conditions very precisely.

Growing in water channels


After propagation, the root ball lettuce plants continue to grow in channels at a height of 1 meter. The plants obtain their nutrients from the nutrient-rich water flowing through the channels. Lamps suspended above the water channels give exactly the right amount of heat and light. The lettuce plants start at the back of the greenhouse and move further forward during the growing process. Once in the front, the seedling will have developed into a whole root ball lettuce, which is sent off to the supermarket immediately.

Fresh all year round

Our ways of cultivation enable us to deliver the freshest root ball lettuce all year round. A product which stays fresh even longer after purchase, thanks to the root ball. By watering the root ball lettuce a little every day, it stays fresh for a week longer than ordinary lettuce. During this time, the lettuce loses none of its crunch and flavour.